PTA Meeting Minutes


10/4/17 7:30PM LIZZY APR

BOARD ATTENDING: Liz – President, Beth Mc Cool – VP, Reena- Treasurer

Beth G.- Corresponding Secretary, Alex – Recording Secretary


  1. Presidents Welcome – Liz

Welcome, and introduction of the board. Thank you all for attending!


  1. Principals Report – Gerry

Explanation of start to school and thanks for everyone understanding the construction and room changes, etc.

Great start to the school year and enthusiasm by all on the start of the year!

Currently in the week of respect, and working on a community project to be kept at the school.

5th grade student council up and running, collecting used Halloween Costumes

Girls on the Run program launched 3rd to 5th

New chromebooks purchased by PTA are on a cart and in use!

This year Artist featured of the year is Pablo Picasso, all students will work on projects in reference to the featured artist.

Upcoming Events, movie night book Fair, parent visitation coming up next wek, First Community Mtg October 12th, Zinburger Fundraiser Night October 25th, Check Principals email for Halloween Parade and Party info.


  1. BOE Representative unable to be here due to an emergency meeting


  1. BOE Canidates spoke about why their running in the upcoming election 11/7
    1. Tom Vecchio
    2. Heather Paoli

* Tenative Town Hall Meeting with canidates October 23rd


  1. Presidents Report – Liz
    1. Back To School

Thank You for being here. Please continue to read our e-blasts for upcoming information! Hope everyone had a great back to school. We were able to provide the ice cream social, which was in great attendance! The year was also kicked off with the parent socials. We unfortunately didn’t have a 3rd grade home and as a result we apologize but will work towards getting the requests out for host homes earlier! Please get out the word for volunteerism! Whether you have a little or a lot of time there is a part for everyone here! Spread the word!


    1. Reflections Contest

Thank you to Jessica Spellmeyer for running this program for several years. There are 6 categories in this years contest. It is an art contest but can be 2d, 3d, visual, performing, etc.! Read the eblast  for more information!


    1. Fall Fair

Call for volunteers! Mr.B DJing again! Please look for our sign up genius in the eblast! Sponsorship for the fair ad book deadline is October 7th!


    1. Art Goes to School

Call for volunteers! Join this great group of volunteers. Art goes to school is a long standing tradition in Haddonfield. Through this PTA state wide program Art Goes to school brings various artists works into the public schools of Haddonfield. The artists and their work are presented by the volunteers. Four monthly meetings take place for the volunteers to learn about the artists and their works and then in the Spring the program is presented to he school.  If you’re interested in finding out more please contact Lisa Nolan.


    1. Bookworm

Announcement of new chairs Kim Kelly and Bridget Mullins. Thank you Diana Ellerly and Laurie Verdname for the years of volunteerism on this committee. This PTA funded program is a wonderful program unique to Haddonfield which offers each student at Lizzy Haddon to create and publish a book. If you’re interested in learning more about the program or would like to volunteer please contact Kim Kelly or Bridget Mullins. The program is in need of three volunteers a cover cutter, a editor, and a gluer.


    1. Barnes and Nobles Fundraiser

This great holiday fundraiser is set to be held this December 9th! If you can’ make it you can also purchase online and by entering our code the school PTA will get a portion of the purchase. Contact Kristen Flowers for more info!


    1. Spaghetti Bingo

This is a great family fundraising event! The Spence family has graciously agreed to donate the food once more. Thank you so much! Due to their generosity and the many families who attended we are able to make this a fundraiser event instead of a fun-raiser event! Contact Beth Mc Cool for volunteer opportunities!


    1. Teachers Holiday Luncheon

This Appreciation event will take place on 12/15. We welcome volunteers! Contact Cara Gaul for details!


    1. Holiday Shop is now the Holiday Craft Fair

The PTA is reformatting this event. The Holiday shop will now become the holiday craft fair. This event will be held 12/13 and 12/14 after school. The event will have craft stations for the children to make gifts for their families and friends. We are also working on a partnership with a charity such as CHOP for kids to have a station to make cards/crafts for patients and/or some sort of donation. Are you crafty? Consider joining this committee as we need a lot of volunteers. Contact Alexandra Lugiano.


  1. Treasurers Report  Reena

Budget was presented and reviewed. As well as a unanimous vote to approve the budget. You can review the attached budget for the year.


  1. Questions/ Comments
    1. Celebrations Book Club – A prior program which used to exist and possibly some would like to reinstate. This will be looked into. The program involves the donation of a book to the library for your childs birthday which has a sticker laced inside the book.


  1. Next General Meeting March 7, 2018


  1. Thank you all for attending and joining the PTA.



End Minutes